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Is chicken manure really that good for organic fertilizer?

Update time : 2022-03-01 Publisher:Tongda

Many farmers use chicken manure as an organic fertilizer, because in the eyes of farmers, using chicken manure as organic fertilizer is not only natural and environmentally friendly, but also saves a lot of costs. However, is it really that good to use chicken manure as organic fertilizer? Is the organic fertilizer content in chicken manure really high? Let's take a look at whether chicken manure is really suitable for organic fertilizer.


First of all, we should be clear that chicken manure does contain a lot of nutrients, and it also contains a lot of organic matter. The organic matter content is as high as 25.5%, nitrogen is 1.63%, phosphorus is 1.54%, and potassium is 0.85%. It is said that the organic matter content in chicken manure is indeed no less than that of real organic fertilizer. If chicken manure is regarded as a substitute for organic fertilizer, it can be said to be normal.This is also why many farmers recognize the use of chicken manure as organic fertilizer, and even completely rely on chicken manure in the daily farming process. Although chicken manure does contain a lot of organic matter, farmers who often use chicken manure should also understand that chicken manure is good, but if you can't correctly understand the function of chicken manure, or even use chicken manure correctly, you will give yourself crops with unimaginable consequences.

The most common thing for us is that many farmers and friends use chicken manure directly without fermentation, which eventually leads to some bad consequences. For example, it causes infectious diseases and pests. The reason for this disease is that the unfermented chicken manure contains bacteria and pests such as coliform bacteria and nematodes. If it is used directly without treatment, it will lead to the spread of pests and diseases and the disease of crops.For another example, it will cause fermentation to burn the seedlings, because after the unfermented raw manure and other organic materials are applied to the ground, when the fermentation conditions are fully satisfied, when the fermentation site is closer to the root and the crop plant is small, the heat generated by fermentation will directly Affecting the growth of crops, if it cannot be detected and prevented in time, the continuous development of this fermentation will burn the root system of the crops and eventually lead to the death of the plants.

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